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Don’t look back in anger

Last week I gave advice to a client ahead of a difficult conversation at work.

She was worried she was going to get angry, or maybe even cry in the face of confrontation and negative feedback.

She was also concerned she would let herself down by not being able to communicate her point clearly under pressure.

We worked on a range of strategies to help her through.

It starts with you

Want to improve your organisation’s culture?

The answer is not simply plastering glossy posters of your vision, mission and values around the office.

Sorry to disappoint.

While that might be easy, on its own it’s also ineffective.

To make real change to an organisation’s culture and get buy-in to your business values, it starts with you – the leader.

The right person, not just the right skills

It’s not just what you say in a job interview that determines your success, it’s how you say it.

How you communicate tells interviewers about the type of person you are and it’s much more than the words that you speak: It’s your body language, manner, tone, listening skills, and the general ‘vibe’ you give off.

$5 million Moe project creates local jobs

A $5 million, 37 room extension at Latrobe Valley Village​ aged care facility in Moe is set to create local jobs.

The build is being delivered by Moe company, Kingbuilt Homes​, which has committed to using all local contractors on the project.

Say thank you

When you receive a gift for a birthday, wedding, birth or engagement, do you say thank you?

It’s amazing how many people don’t.

In a time when technology allows us to shoot off a message via text of social media in a few quick keystrokes, there’s really no excuse for this lack of basic manners.

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