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Different strokes for different folks

Different strokes for different folks

I was prompted to write about this after a conversation with friends about my work. A couple commented that working at night must be awful when I could be relaxing in front of the TV.

(For the record, I barely ever watch TV. If I wasn’t working I’d be reading or writing instead; or *shudder* doing housework.)

For them watching television is a good night in. For me? Not so much.Yes, I work long hours. No, I don’t watch TV. But do I feel like I’m missing out? No way, because I love what I do. My work is my purpose and passion.

I appreciate that won’t be the case for everyone.

What works for me might not work for you. And what you think is wonderful and relaxing (I’m looking at you trashy TV) might be my idea of hell. But guess what? That’s ok.

There’s no right or wrong; no one way of living life, or one way of being.

My way is not better than yours and your way is not better than mine. They’re just different.

Stop comparing yourself to other people and stop judging others who have different values or priorities to you.

They’re not you so it doesn’t matter!

Focus on you.

Focus on what you love an what makes you happy. Who cares if other people think you’re crazy!

The world would be a boring place if there was no difference.

Embrace your individuality. Be you.

I certainly do.

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