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How to succeed: Do what you love.

Halfway through year 11, I had a mini-breakdown.

The intense pressure I put myself under to be ‘perfect’ academically became too much and coupled with what turned out to be an iron deficiency, I crumbled.

I blame maths.

What if changing your life was as simple as changing your mind?

Imagine if you could change your life simply because you made a conscious decision to do so. Not because you had a near death experience, a health scare, or a friend or relative pass away – simply because you made a choice.

Imagine if you didn’t even need to start on a Monday, because a Sunday or a Wednesday were just as good.

Imagine if you stopped believing the stories (*cough, cough* – excuses) you tell yourself to avoid doing the things you say you want to.

If that were possible, imagine what sort of life you could lead.

Now imagine you don’t have to imagine at all, because changing your life really is as simple and as difficult as making a choice.

How to answer negative interview questions positively

What’s your biggest weakness?

Tell me about a time you haven’t handled a situation well.

These seemingly negative questions often trip people up in interviews. It’s important to think about how you’d answer them beforehand.

Saying “I don’t have one” or “I can’t think of any” are not appropriate responses.

So what do you say?

What’s your meditation?

Mindfulness and putting your own oxygen mask on first mean different things to different people.

For some people it’s meditation; for others it’s binge watching Suits on Netflix or having a long hot bath.

For me, it’s exercise.

Methmac Communications finalist in Gippsland Business Awards

Methmac Communications is absolutely thrilled to have been named a finalist in the 2017 Gippsland Business Awards.

We feature in the Services – Business and Professional category, up against other wonderful local companies including Astute Gippsland, Aussie Broadband, Best Match Recruitment, On Time Typing, and Regional Imaging Gippsland.

Being named a finalist amongst such strong competition is a win in our books and recognition of our commitment to helping businesses and individuals across the region improve their communications and remove the roadblocks to success.

It’s also proof that if you do what you love, pursue your goals with persistence and passion, believe in yourself, and push outside your comfort zone amazing things can happen.

Selection of finalists was completed by a panel of judges who evaluated entries against key criteria.

The award winners will be announced at a gala dinner presentation on Friday 25 August in Traralgon.

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