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Say thank you

When you receive a gift for a birthday, wedding, birth or engagement, do you say thank you?

It’s amazing how many people don’t.

In a time when technology allows us to shoot off a message via text of social media in a few quick keystrokes, there’s really no excuse for this lack of basic manners.

The juggle is real

Life as a working mum is a juggle. Sometimes I manage to keep all the balls in the air; other times, something drops.

Communicating at Christmas

Christmas: A time of joy, love, laughter and peace on earth. Or maybe not…

While Christmas is a wondrous time of year in many ways, it’s often also when you find yourself in uncomfortable or inappropriate conversations with relatives and friends you’ve hardly seen all year.

You know the sort: The conversations where people think it’s ok to comment on your appearance or weight; state their political views as universal fact; question your relationship/marital status/parenting style; wonder out loud if the reason you’re drinking soft drink is because you’re pregnant; and outright ask if you’re going to hurry up and have a baby soon.

(NB: If you do any of these things in conversation, slap yourself across the face and STOP – immediately.)

For those of you on the receiving end, here are 10 strategies for managing difficult conversations at Christmas:

Twelve lessons I learnt as a journo

This year marks 10 years since I worked as a newspaper journalist for the Latrobe Valley Express in Gippsland, Victoria.

I loved being part of the newsroom: the pace, energy, banter, and having the inside scoop on what was going on.

But it was more than that. My time as a journo taught me skills for life and the lessons I learnt still hold me in great stead today.

Stand tall, speak small

Stand tall, speak small.
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