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September 2017 - Methmac Communiations

What do you stand for?

Where’s your line in the sand? What do you stand for?

One of the big picture concepts I speak about in my effective communication workshop is the importance of knowing the answer to these questions.

It’s hard to know when to stand up, if you don’t know what you stand for.

The answer is different for everyone. Everyone has their own values and beliefs and what is true for you may be very different to what is true for me.

But being clear on your personal deal breakers is important. It helps you know when to be assertive and when to let something go through to the keeper.

One size does not fit all: Why the best communicators tailor their approach

Communication is all about perception. What you say is not necessarily what someone else hears and how you intend for your message to be heard is not necessarily how someone will take it.

How someone hears your message will depend on their own communication style, personality, preferences, experience, knowledge, emotional intelligence, mindset and much more.

That’s why self-awareness and interpersonal skills are so important; as is understanding no-one else thinks exactly like you.

Invest in yourself

To be your best, you have to work at it.

Invest in yourself. Empower yourself.

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The link between mindset and communication

Your ability to communicate effectively will be helped or hindered by your mindset.

Is your mindset fixed or growth?

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