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August 2017 - Methmac Communiations

How to succeed: Do what you love.

Halfway through year 11, I had a mini-breakdown.

The intense pressure I put myself under to be ‘perfect’ academically became too much and coupled with what turned out to be an iron deficiency, I crumbled.

I blame maths.

What if changing your life was as simple as changing your mind?

Imagine if you could change your life simply because you made a conscious decision to do so. Not because you had a near death experience, a health scare, or a friend or relative pass away – simply because you made a choice.

Imagine if you didn’t even need to start on a Monday, because a Sunday or a Wednesday were just as good.

Imagine if you stopped believing the stories (*cough, cough* – excuses) you tell yourself to avoid doing the things you say you want to.

If that were possible, imagine what sort of life you could lead.

Now imagine you don’t have to imagine at all, because changing your life really is as simple and as difficult as making a choice.

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