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June 2017 - Methmac Communiations

When silence isn’t golden: The problem with passive communication

I lose; you win. That’s passive communication in a nutshell.

I won’t put forward my opinions and beliefs, so my needs won’t be met; and you can walk all over me.

Passive is one of the four main styles of communication, along with aggressive, assertive, and passive-aggressive.

At times, passive has its place, but if it’s your go-to communication style – your default position, particularly at times of stress and conflict – you may have a problem.

Can you sum up what you do?

“So Leah, what do you do?”

“I run my own communications consultancy and speaking business, Methmac Communications. I help businesses, community groups and individuals improve and deliver their communications through media, public relations and community engagement. I also run workshops and motivational seminars to teach people how to communicate more effectively and get the most out of life.”

This is my elevator pitch. I use a version of this response (sometimes shorter, sometimes with a slightly different focus, depending on context) every time I’m asked about my business or what I do.

Different strokes for different folks

I was prompted to write about this after a conversation with friends about my work. A couple commented that working at night must be awful when I could be relaxing in front of the TV.

(For the record, I barely ever watch TV. If I wasn’t working I’d be reading or writing instead; or *shudder* doing housework.)

For them watching television is a good night in. For me? Not so much.

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