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April 2017 - Methmac Communiations

Speak: The Microsoft Word hack that will improve your writing

One of the best ways to check whether what you’ve written makes sense and sounds how you want it to, is to read it aloud.

But one of the problems with this is your brain can still fall into the trap of ‘reading’ what you intended to write, rather than the words on the page.

That’s why the text to speech function in Microsoft Word is an invaluable tool: It reads your work back to you exactly as it is written, with pauses where your punctuation tells it to pause.

Know your audience

Know your audience: It’s amongst my top communications advice for business success – right up there with empathy and enthusiasm.

While it sounds obvious, many businesses get it wrong or simply don’t consider their audience at all. Instead, they focus on their own wants and needs, then wonder why their business is not performing to its potential.

Confessions of a failure

On my eighteenth birthday I sat my driver’s licence.

And I failed.

It was the most mortifying moment of my life.

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