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May 2016 - Methmac Communiations

Think before you post

The impact offensive social media comments can have on your real life was highlighted by two Australian cases yesterday.

First, racist posts from a WA Liberal candidate from EIGHT YEARS AGO when he was aged 25 surfaced and prompted calls for him to be sacked.

Be honest about excuses

You will always have excuses to justify why you don’t do the things you say you want to in your life. And if you’re happy to believe those excuses because it’s comfortable and gets you through the day, that’s totally fine. Complacency is ok if you’re happy with it.

But recognise that the biggest roadblock to achieving your goals is usually yourself. Be honest about your excuses.

Success – whatever that means to you – comes to those who are prepared to work for it, get uncomfortable, and do what most people won’t. It may not be easy, but it will always be worth it. ‪#‎removetheroadblocks‬

Perseverance pays for plumber

Sarah Murray always wanted to be a plumber just like her dad, but until recently no-one gave her a chance.
Not because she wasn’t good enough, keen enough, or hard working enough; simply because she’s female.

Social media has real life consequences

If you wouldn’t be comfortable with your employer or prospective boss reading your Facebook post, seeing it published in a newspaper, or saying it to your grandmother, do not post it.

Regardless of your privacy settings, you should always consider anything you post on social media as being public. Screen shots of your words can be taken in seconds and shared widely. It’s not just a bit of fun; your posts can have serious consequences for your life.

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